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My complete and unwavering focus is on you. There is no one size fits all approach or solution in my world, everything that we embark on together is completely unique.  Drawing from over a decade of experience in media before transitioning to coaching and entrepreneurship, I bring a dual perspective and a fierce commitment to assisting you in building a business that you're passionate about and that makes a meaningful impact.

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I collaborate with multinational corporations in the fields of Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Wellness to facilitate transformative experiences for their employees. My dedication lies in empowering your workforce to evolve individually and fostering collective growth within your team

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Have you ever imagined forging partnerships with companies but felt uncertain about where to begin? Over the past nine years, I've been actively engaged in this arena, and now, it's my turn to guide you through the process.

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In a virtual world I am wildly passionate about in-person growth and activation. My coaching is powerful whilst being full of compassion. If you want results, then I am here. 

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Kirsty provided the support and expertise I needed whilst setting up my new business. She helped me work through mentally challenging times always being my guardian angel and voice of reason.

She helped me find the confidence in myself so I could step into the woman I am determined of being. My business and I wouldn't be where we are today without Kirsty, I am forever in her debt.

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My intensive with Kirsty came at the perfect time, as I had started to realise that something needed to change in my business and I had already begun the process of rebranding. 

After the session I was (and still am) buzzing with excitement for what's next. Kirsty has injected me with confidence that I am on the right track, and I'm ready to take these next steps.

Kirsty managed to get me to dig deeper, gently pushing me to really think about my business, and unpick what my unique selling point is as a time management coach. I've got better clarity on my ideal client, my messaging as well as a strategic plan for the action I need to take.

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I wholeheartedly recommend Kirsty to anyone looking to elevate their business and personal aspirations. Her boundless energy, genuine compassion, and profound expertise are qualities I can't praise enough.

Over the past three years, Kirsty has played a pivotal role in both my personal development and business growth. I continually invest in refining my business's content strategy to adapt to its evolving needs, with Kirsty guiding me every step of the way. Remember, investing in yourself, recognising your value, and embracing continuous learning are essential.

Having Kirsty as a steadfast ally and mentor has made it a dream come true

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