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The Messy Middle

My focus is entirely and abundantly about you. There is no one size fits all approach or solution in my world, everything that we embark on together is completely unique. With a decade of work in media experience before I trained as a coach and became self employed I have a two pronged approach and a desire to help yo really create a business that you both love and has an impact. 

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I am the person for you if you want to perfect your message and create change in this world.

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I  work with global companies in Tech, AI and Wellness to offer their employees a transformation. I care deeply about empowering your employees to grow and your team flourish together.


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Authenticity and Growth are my secret sauce and let me boldly share something with you. The "messy middle" that you are in right now.... embrace it, its the last time you are going to feel this way.

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Have you dreamt of working with companies, creating partnerships and you are unsure where to start. I have done this for the last 9 years and now it's my time to help you. 

Corporate Mentoring

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"Kirsty is relatable, calming, but also incredibly professional at what she does. Would highly recommend!"

"Kirsty is kind, down to earth, honest and a beautiful soul inside and out. In a short amount of time I have felt myself grow and begin to accept who I am, my triggers, my strengths and my goals."