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Build partnerships not sales tactics

I have been there. I had those thoughts too and they are so unkind. Once we formulate your offering and you truly believe in the subject it shines through. Remember your passion and expertise is just what they are looking for.

why would a company want to work with me


Whilst having a social media presence is absolutely essential - its not everything. As long as you share what you are passionate about people will come, and companies believe in you, not the amount of followers you have. 

i don't have a big enough audience


I like to remind every client that companies are made up of wonderful people, just like us. We have to find clarity on exactly what you are offering and ensure you are confident with that offer - then the rest is easy. 

It's scary and i don't know where to start


THRee myths about working with companies

In this theoretical session we will depict exactly what your niche will be. We will gain a deep understanding on the subject you want to deliver and how you will do that.  I will share my main points that have helped me and can help you when talking to potential clients. 

60 minute clarity session

Option One

In this four hour session we will build your pitch! I cannot express how important this is in order to showcase who you are and what you have to offer.  You may only get a 15 minute call to talk and so we need this to be of the highest standard. I have a background of 10 years in advertising and so I know how to write a pitch and how to make it truly unique to you. 

half day pitch build

Option Two

This is a big commitment for those who are ready to build their programme and bring it to life. We go through everything from the idea to implementation. It is a deep dive and intensive, however, it is designed to ensure that you leave this time with a programme ready to go - all you need to do is add your branding!

1-2 day programme build

Option Three

simon, global tech company

"Kirsty is the perfect fit for our company and has built a strong and trusted relationship with our folks through her 6-week Transformational Coaching course that has now formed an important part of our learning curriculum. Super positive feedback and Kirsty’s inclusive, warm, welcoming demeanour and approach has attracted global demand for the programme, and we currently enjoy culturally rich delegate groups across EU and US time zones in a truly safe space!"

Kristina, founder of Hautlistic

"After spending two days with Kirsty, I walked away with not only a phenomenal pitch, but an entire program and new found spark in my business. Kirsty managed to create such a safe and creative space, so that what we were able to produce something that would have typically taken me eight months, in two days.
I couldn’t recommend her enough. ."

Success Stories

real life

Please note that due to the intensity of the longer sessions I hold a handful of them per 6 weeks. I want to show up fully for you and so I never overbook myself.  Therefore it is first come first served. 

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We will have a 10 minute call to discuss what I think you need at this moment in time. I will NEVER sell you into something that isn't right for you

a brief conversation


I endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours (as I know what its like waiting for an email) 

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"Kirsty is relatable, calming, but also incredibly professional at what she does. Would highly recommend!"

"Kirsty is kind, down to earth, honest and a beautiful soul inside and out. In a short amount of time I have felt myself grow and begin to accept who I am, my triggers, my strengths and my goals."


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We totally understand that life happens. All we ask for is 48 hours notice before the session. Because they are so limited we only select a few sessions per month, if we can replace your session with another client in that 48 hours you will not be charged.

do we get help after the session?

Of course. For anyone who invests in the two day programme we offer assistance for a month after too - with any questions or feedback you may be getting from companies. 

do you offer refunds?

Sadly not for these sessions, as this is not an online course. However, I can guarantee that you will leave feeling like a new person and begin to thrive in your new path

can i access kirsty for 1:1 help?

Kirsty works with. a handful of 1:1 clients a month to ensure that the energy is high vibe and works for both parties.  If you. are interested just click here.