The reset

Four week commitment.
Life long change.

The pressure to be moving forward can sometimes grind us to a halt. We feel confused, overwhelmed and quite frankly at a loss of what to do. This course is designed to be your reset. It is held live only to ensure that your exact needs are being met at the exact time you need. I can assure you that after four sessions of time together you are going to experience The Reset.

This four week live course is the ultimate reset to help align, focus, and get your momentum back.

I'm ready to join

Each week is built on coaching principles and neuroscience. The teachings are thorough yet succinct. The difference is that I deeply care about your wellbeing throughout the course and will provide tools to help you along the way. 

A holistic and intellectual approach


I want you to thrive together during this time but leave individually on a high. The week between each session will be space for you to analyse and understand what you need. Limited spaces to ensure you are heard. 

group container but personal change


We will create a succinct and essential understanding of your baseline, what your life is looking like and how you feel before we attempt to build. There is no easy way to create lasting change, so let's start where it makes sense. 

lets start at the beginning


My promise to you

Collectively establishing your base-line and pin pointing exactly where you are in life. 

With the use of transformational coaching techniques we can understand the specific changes that could occur for you, and the work needed around them. 

Closing session meditation: grounding


Week One

Using principles steeped in meta-cognition we will deep dive into mindset concepts, theories from great pracitioners and coaching principles that have been proven to lead to a deep understanding of our mind. The beginning of any size of transformation has to start here.

Closing session meditation: Third eye

deep dive


Using the theory from last week we can now start the reset. Through a plethora of models that have been tried and tested it will give you a deep understanding of what you can action from today. The beauty of the strategy is that from the moment you learn it, you can implement it. 

Closing session meditation: solar plexus


Week Three

Using the tools you have developed over the three weeks we complete with the final step. The last three elements are shared that will mean you are ready, reset and raring to go. We really do not want to give too much away but we have a feeling this may well be your favourite week.

Closing session meditation: peace and fluidity

the reset

Module Four

We are completely confident that you will feel this huge change over a month of working together that if not, we will give you a 100% refund. No questions asked. 
We have also priced this course with what is going on in the world in mind, therefore it is more affordable AND has a payment option.



I'm ready to join





• 4 weeks live coaching
• Meditation at the end of each session

1 x Payment



2 x Payment

The Investment

• 4 weeks live coaching
• Meditation at the end of each session

• 4 weeks live coaching
• Meditation at the end of each session

worldwide access

closing meditation at 
the end of each session

live calls with 
kirsty raynor

Kirsty provided the support and expertise I needed whilst setting up my new business. She helped me work through mentally challenging times always being my guardian angel and voice of reason.

She helped me find the confidence in myself so I could step into the woman I am determined of being. My business and I wouldn't be where we are today without Kirsty, I am forever in her debt.

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My intensive with Kirsty came at the perfect time, as I had started to realise that something needed to change in my business and I had already begun the process of rebranding. 

After the session I was (and still am) buzzing with excitement for what's next. Kirsty has injected me with confidence that I am on the right track, and I'm ready to take these next steps.

Kirsty managed to get me to dig deeper, gently pushing me to really think about my business, and unpick what my unique selling point is as a time management coach. I've got better clarity on my ideal client, my messaging as well as a strategic plan for the action I need to take.

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I wholeheartedly recommend Kirsty to anyone looking to elevate their business and personal aspirations. Her boundless energy, genuine compassion, and profound expertise are qualities I can't praise enough.

Over the past three years, Kirsty has played a pivotal role in both my personal development and business growth. I continually invest in refining my business's content strategy to adapt to its evolving needs, with Kirsty guiding me every step of the way. Remember, investing in yourself, recognising your value, and embracing continuous learning are essential.

Having Kirsty as a steadfast ally and mentor has made it a dream come true

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We've got answers


is there support during the course?

We encourage you to connect with each other during the course. However, it is a time to really work on what you learn yourself and really push yourself into a reset. As always, you can email us at for any questions.

What if i fall behind?

The beauty of this course is that each of the four sessions are held live. There is so much power in this type of format rather than a self led course so it will really encourage you to be there - and we can experience this together. 

what happens if i do not get value from this course?

If you are not satisfied after two weeks we will of course refund you. No questions asked.

can i have 1:1 sessions with kirsty too?

In this specific course we do not offer that as we want to ensure that everyone can invest in the course, therefore we made the choice to keep it more affordable. However, you can of course look to book sessions with Kirsty just contact us here.