The Clear way

Now is your time to live a life of purpose

Join this eight week transformation full of powerful women who are ready to create their own clear way. 

You do not have to stay at a crossroads, you do not have to limit yourself, you do not have to compromise your ambition or sacrifice your mindset. 

Are you ready to start curating your life the way you want to with clarity and confidence?

I'm ready to join

There is no "faffing" around on this course. Each week is built on coaching principles and neuroscience. We develop a way to build each week that feels habitual - plus, if you sign up by 16th October you will get access to me for 12 MONTHS.
I really do care about you completing your journey 

completion and strategy


This word is thrown around a lot, yet I never really see all the different types of confidence catered for. Let me help you understand how to live your life on purpose with complete confidence

your own version of confidence


I am so tired of seeing semi-formed conversations with coaches. You will gain an understanding of what clarity actually means to you and the precise difference it will make in your life goals

you will gain complete clarity


My promise to you

Together we will establish the base lane and where you are in your life and where you are lacking  clarity or vision.

What is your Messy Middle stage and where do you want to be after these eight weeks.?

What are your non-negotiables. What are your values. 

the audit

Module One

Find a way to build a habitual mindset that creates huge shifts in your life. 

There are moments that we over look daily, however, when trying to live life on purpose it really HAS to be on purpose. 

This is a huge week that will genuinely change your life. 

the habit

Module Two

We don't say Growth, we say Extraordinary as that is the potential of your mindset.

This week is powerful. We will understand your story, your power, your unique code.  There will be huge shifts in confidence and we will use specific strategies that unblock and release your old mindset. 

the extraordinary mindset

Module Three

What is theory without action? 

We will learn how to analyse transactions we are faced with and how to implement an understanding that will elevate your life. 

Allowing yourself to be bold and to take a step towards your goals is that only way. There is not a plan B and I won't allow that to happen for you. 

the brave step 

Module Four

My 3 signature steps to help you whenever you are at a crossroads, this can be:

Lacking clarity
Being afraid
Worrying about judgment

THe method

Module Five

How can you evolve when faced with difficult situations? sometimes it feels almost impossible. 

We work on our pathway goals, we see the huge change so far and we bring in the key thinking piece around all of this course: you hold all of the answers within you.  

This week is a moment to really begin living the change. 

the breakthrough

Module Six

We know that change is scary and so this week is focussed on using mindfulness tools that you can learn and use in life. 

If you don't know how far you have come... how can you really appreciate this change and clarity in your life. 

If you are leaving behind old ways, let's thank them and release them. We also hold a 30 min Gratitude Meditation to close this week (90 minute session) 

the lesson

Module Seven

I am going to teach you my three final steps you need to take to find your own unique clear way. 

This is not the end. This is infact your beginning - I am so proud of you

THe clear way

Module Eight

simon, global tech company

"Kirsty is the perfect fit for our company and has built a strong and trusted relationship with our folks through her 6-week Transformational Coaching course that has now formed an important part of our learning curriculum. Super positive feedback and Kirsty’s inclusive, warm, welcoming demeanour and approach has attracted global demand for the programme, and we currently enjoy culturally rich delegate groups across EU and US time zones in a truly safe space!"

Kristina, founder of Hautlistic

"After spending two days with Kirsty, I walked away with not only a phenomenal pitch, but an entire program and new found spark in my business. Kirsty managed to create such a safe and creative space, so that what we were able to produce something that would have typically taken me eight months, in two days.
I couldn’t recommend her enough. ."

Success Stories

real life

To live your life day to day without really honing in on your purpose? To feel as though you are not worth of what other people have - that is for them, not for me? 

You are the creator of your own path: let's get strategic here together.

The Clear Way is the way 

what is the other option?

I'm ready to join

We have one hour a week together, yet I recommend a further two hours per week for reflection and implementation

book out the time for you


Kirsty and the team are on hand to answer any of your questions you may have before

ask questions


I don't know a single investment better than you, and I want you to have this gift and life changing experience.

invest in yourself


how it all works





• 4 weeks live coaching
• Meditation at the end of each session

1 x Payment



2 x Payment

The Investment

• 4 weeks live coaching
• Meditation at the end of each session

• 4 weeks live coaching
• Meditation at the end of each session



8 weeks of self 
paced Training


Gain the lessons needed to actually implement life long changes. 

Find the clarity and confidence that you have been searching for

Welcome in the extraordinary mindset

Create a life that you can start living on purpose

Give yourself the time and investment that you deserve


You're beyond                 to be able to...

"Kirsty is relatable, calming, but also incredibly professional at what she does. Would highly recommend!"

"Kirsty is kind, down to earth, honest and a beautiful soul inside and out. In a short amount of time I have felt myself grow and begin to accept who I am, my triggers, my strengths and my goals."


We've got answers


is there support during the course?

There is support in the private facebook group as well as the additional monthly call held for 12 months after the course. (This is a wonderful bonus for those who sign up early) 

What if i fall behind?

All of the calls will be recorded for you to access through your portal. You will have access to this course for one year and be able to repeat the modules as many times as you like. 

what happens if i do not get value from this course?

If you are not satisfied within the first 28 days we will of course refund you. We believe in integrity and would never want you to pay for something that you have not got value from. 

can i have 1:1 sessions with kirsty too?

In this specific course we do not offer that as we want to ensure that everyone can invest in the course, therefore we made the choice to keep it more affordable. However, you can of course look to book sessions with Kirsty just contact us here.