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I have worked with companies all over the world to help them achieve their well-being goals internally. I am passionate about equipping the corporate world with life changing sessions and course that your employees will love and gain so much from. 

I work with companies such as Sony, Clinique, GHD on a weekly basis to provide unique experiences. Can I create this for your company? 

I work with Companies to help you give your employees Coaching and Meditation solutions. 

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Kirsty can host workshops in your workplace to help your employees to understand mindset in the workplace and unlock their potential. 

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Anything from a one off session, to weekly practices. Kirsty is a trained Vedic Meditation teacher with a modern approach to make it accessible to the masses. 

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This unique six week course  is perfect for a group of up to 20 employees to help empower them into a growth mindset.

six week transformational coaching course



"Since I met Kirsty I felt an instant connection. Kirsty is kind, down to earth, honest and a beautiful soul inside and out. In a short amount of time I have felt myself grow and have really begun to accept who I am deep down, my triggers, my strengths and my goals. I was shy and timid at first but Kirsty helped me open up and feel comfortable enough to share and open myself to this growth. She has stood by my side through this journey and I cannot wait to continue adding this magic I have learnt to my story."


"I've only been working with Kirsty for a few months, but even in this short time, her coaching has had a profoundly positive impact on me. She has helped me to identify the root areas in my life that are in need of growth and healing. She does this in the most empathetic and supportive way: while also providing useful tools to assist on this journey. I genuinely look forward to my weekly sessions with her, knowing that I'm going to leave each one with my clarity , more self-esteem, and more self-alignment."

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My promise to you is Clarity, Confidence and Growth for your employees. I am authentic and care, this is just the beginning. 

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There are different values and goals for each company and so we can work out an exact solution for you.

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Lets set up a call for you to meet Kirsty and see what would fit for your company. 

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"Kirsty is relatable, calming, but also incredibly professional at what she does. Would highly recommend!"

"Kirsty is kind, down to earth, honest and a beautiful soul inside and out. In a short amount of time I have felt myself grow and begin to accept who I am, my triggers, my strengths and my goals."


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corporate offerings

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Kirsty works with a handful of corporate clients a month to ensure that the energy is high vibe and works for both parties.  If you are interested just click here.