20 April 2020

Our New Normal

Just like you I am sat in some random place in my apartment, laptop awkwardly positioned and getting into the WFH vibe. The thing is, this is actually my normal, yet everyday I am out and about and just like you, the lack of freedom is something that is messing with me on EVERY level: like, really, how do you even dress anymore? when did you last wash your hair? thank you hair gods for dry shampoo.

It was the Saturday before it all changed that I knew the announcement was coming, it had to, yet I knew it was going to trigger so many people and my heart truly went out to those on their own. If I’m honest, I was afraid of how this would make me feel, how I would take on this change while not putting any pressure on myself… and that is when I decided that I wanted to go live on instagram every week day morning. I know for some people this is totally natural yet for me it really wasn’t, it was (and still is) completely out of my comfort zone.

As a well-being professional I wanted to still try to help others, and make them feel good, that is honestly my work and my passion. I feel so lucky to be able to impact people on a positive level and get paid for it! By doing these little Mini Meditations, my #minimedi I am showing up at 8:45am each day, just chatting into my phone but feeling like I am connected to people all over the world. Can we take a moment just to realise how amazing this is! I would never be able to teach people in New Zealand and Liverpool at the same time: yet it is happening!! 

Of course, I am going to recommend that you come on in and join me on these lives but really, come on in! We are all building this little community together and so many people have messaged saying that they are on their own and feel a part of something. I just want you to know that you are not alone, you are very much connected to everyone around you on an emotional and spiritual level. I am here for, and you for me, every step of the way. 




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