10 March 2020

The Biggest Lesson Yoga has taught Me

So let’s get into it, because this lesson really won’t be what you think, infact it is not even about the poses but it is about the physicality of it all. As a teacher I have to stand up infront of so many different types of people from all over the world – what an honour babes! and I seen it all. I have been to classes all over the world and trust me I have seen it all!! Between you and I, I once had a Yoga teacher stand on my actual back *shivers* to push me into a pose beyond nay range of movement. I was 24 and laid up for the next two days with back pain. Fast forward 10 years, if a teacher even thinks about stepping on my back or any part of my body for that matter, I will lose my sh*t. 

Here’s the tricky bit with Yoga, everyone is going to tell you that something is more important, in keeping with their style and confuse the sh*t out of you when you start. Go with it. When you leave the class notice how you feel, if you feel exhausted and fuzzy, I would maybe skip that class the next time, however, if you feel energised and your mind feels clear – then I would for sure go back. Once you start to find the style that you like, the teachers that you like, then start to tap into your body and what feels good but also what doesn’t. What keeps coming up for you? I always tell my students to look out for:

 + Shooting pains 

+ Numbness in the feet 

+ Lower back pain 

+ Hip pain (I mean, that has been my life for two years)

+ Headrush 

The biggest lesson is that please, never EVER go beyond your range. Start to learn how your body works: do your hips internally or externally rotate? do you have bone to bone compression stopping you from moving – which has nothing to do with your flexibility and will result in pain and discomfort. 

Be confident in your class, if you feel anything pinch or niggle a little bit, tell the teacher. Kindly ask them to not assist you into a posture that far – we are not mind readers, but we should be able to asses how far we think you can move. 

A teacher standing on your back, is essentially catering to their ego and is showing the whole class what they can do with you, you are not at their core and your heath and well-being is certainly not. Do not allow anyone to tell you what is better for your body than you, I had that when I was younger, and I have pushed myself so much over the tears that it has been a contributing factor to me having hip surgery.

Let me know what is your biggest lesson so far – I find it fascinating! and if you’re not following me on instagram yet, come and say hi



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