1 March 2020

A Morning Routine for People with a Life

Give yourself a break. The first thing we tend to do after waking up is to check how late we are running, and then fittingly descend into a pit of despair… perhaps that is a tad dramatic, but honestly it pretty much described my morning.

I am a Yoga and Meditation teacher and honestly I do not have the time to mimic some zen retreat in Tulum at 5am (also why are we all getting up so early!?) My ethos has always been Well-Being is for everyone, that means parents who don’t sleep enough, people who work 14 hour days in an office, and commuters (I have a friend doing a 4.5 hour round trip three days a week and is a new mum – I salute you) so lets cut the sh*t, and really think about how we can prep ourselves in a realistic way for the day:

+ If you can, put your phone on airplane mode the night before – this is really changing the game for me. I never sleep through the night, so when I do wake up, I no longer check my phone, and so find it easier to go back to sleep.

+ Take a minute. This can be while your coffee is brewing, brushing your teeth or in the shower, but close your eyes for one minute and just breathe deeply. That’s all. Inhale, really expand the belly and the chest and then slowly exhale. This won’t take up any extra time, it’s just perfect to centre you for the day ahead.

+ NO pressure whatsoever. If you feel energised enough to workout, go for it. If you feel exhausted, please, listen to your body. You may be one of those people that come to life at night (I am at my most creative after 9pm – infact I am writing this at 11pm) and that is fine. There is no right or wrong answer.

+ Drink some water. I am a coffee addict in the morning, I love it, but before any coffee, I make sure that I drink water. We get so dehydrated overnight, so it’s important to replenish those fluids first thing in the morning for our brains to work well.

That’s it. Nothing extra – just alter a few things to change your morning slightly. Please always remember that well-being is a feeling that you create for yourself with your mind, body, and soul. That’s it. Let me know what else you do in the morning that sets up your day.


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