3 March 2019

Manifest the life you deserve

I’m writing this as something I have been manifesting for a while has come true. I wish you could only sense how happy I am as I type this, I have a smile across my face and I feel alive! This may sound like a bit of a crazy article today, but hey, I love the woo woo and while you’re sat curled up reading this, I want you to come on this journey with me.

I first started manifesting in the last two years mainly because I had just heard a lot of people talk about it. I hate to admit this but at first, I was very sceptical, I just saw more and more people were talking about it and I thought there must be something in it. I would sit in my bedroom at night frantically thinking about “what I want to have” what would change the way I feel about things and situations and hopefully shape my life in the way I want it. That was where I was making my first mistake, I was already putting negativity out into the universe by saying what I want, implying that I don’t have it and may not be worthy of it. The first rule that we need to get used to, even though it is really strange is saying talking like we already have that…”I can’t wait to visit Finland” (had to get that in) You are automatically changing your mindset and the way you approach everything that you desire.

I began to see small changes in my life, I was working with brands I had dreamed of, developing a concept that was so unique and all about the community, creating a following of like-minded beautiful people who all wanted the same thing: to experience Yoga in every part of their lives. I had to keep myself inspired in order to inspire every single person who would chat with me online or walk into one of my classes. Manifestation is my key tool to do this through my mindset and vision boards, it truly keeps me focussed and grounded while I run away with my dreams.

I am on my journey as much as you and I are learning every single day, everything changes daily and today is such a great day just know that anything is possible. Believe in yourself and get that vision board up babes. This stuff works. I am still uncontrollably smiling!

Have a look at my manifestation video on the BSY YouTube channel here

Lots of Love, BSY x

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