6 January 2019

Be vulnerable to be confident.

I already know what you are thinking, that these two words are a paradigm of one another and could not be conducive to our growth, I want to write this to perhaps change the way you view these emotions.

In order to help clarify this initial statement I like to think of life as a winding river, maybe like the Amazon, something so bold, perhaps intimidating and powerful yet so delicate and beautiful. You can either respect and nurture the river enjoying its natural ebs and flows or farm from it, take its life and fill it full of chemicals for the benefit of the “other”… while this may seem like a heavy analogy, it is how I see it, perhaps it is the Pisces in me. What makes the river so beautiful is how weak and strong it is at the same time, how vulnerable and confident, and yet it flows in harmony creating a calm exterior filled with life on the interior. Allow this visualisation to be a representation of the mind and the body and proof that can we create a calm inside as well as a calm outside.

The core value of BSY is to create growth in self-confidence and by doing this we must first build our foundation, which is acknowledging our vulnerability and showing it to the world without worrying about what anyone else thinks: that is true confidence.  What is a little more tricky and perhaps something we naturally shy away from is admitting when we are in the wrong and sharing failures for fear of judgment and isolation? We, as a culture and we as our mind and body need to understand that is completely natural, and the basis for how our energetic life will grow. Without the lows would we have the highs? without the sun and the moon, what would we be? the light and the dark? the masculine and the feminine. They are all the powers of force that fuel our river and our human form. If you take one thing away from this, please know that it is natural and so beautiful to be vulnerable and it will be the basis for you to flourish.

I read that you should try to “Teach someone something that you are still learning” and so that is what I am trying to do here. By even putting up this article I am showing my soft side. I am adding a video every day on YouTube during January and I feel exposed, pressure and that keyword….. vulnerable. Being on this journey with you gives me so much confidence and I can’t wait to check in at the end of the month and see how we are all feeling. Remember your weaknesses are YOUR weaknesses, to everyone else they are just part of the beautiful you.



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